2015 Summertime Reception

ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann Assemblyman Robert Auth (R-Bergen) mingles with Eileen Kean of Komjathy & Stewart, Mike O’Connell of Pringle Quinn Anzano and ICNJ Board Member John Miletti of Travelers.
ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann ICNJ Board Member Debbie Wean of NJM talks with Mary Kay Roberts of Riker Danzig Sherer Hyland Perretti, LLP.
ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-Middlesex), Chair of the AFI Committee and Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris), discuss issues with ICNJ Board Chairman Jeff Beck of Selective.
ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann Senator Jen Beck (R-Monmouth) shares her insight on State affairs at the CIP PAC summer reception.
ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann of Liberty Mutual, Dave Tideman of State Farm and Chris Lowe of CURE joined by Paul Anzano (Pringle Quinn Anzano).
ICNJ Board Members Jeremy Eisemann Assemblyman Jay Webber (R- Morris) talks with ICNJ Board member Georgia Flamporis of Allstate and Mary Beaumont of NJ Business & Industry Association.

The Coalition for Insurance Professionals Political Action Committee (CIP PAC) is a political action committee supported by New Jersey's property/casualty insurance community.

New Jersey's Legislature is an extremely active participant in the area of insurance regulation. Decisions made by state legislators can directly impact property and casualty insurers and insurance professionals. CIP PAC is committed to supporting policymakers who support our industry's goal of maintaining a healthy and vibrant insurance marketplace in New Jersey.

We need your support!

New Jersey's property and casualty industry faces continual attacks from adversarial interests who advocate policies that seek to undermine the competitiveness of the auto, homeowners' and commercial insurance markets and threaten the integrity of our workers' compensation system. It is vital that we play an active role in supporting political candidates who understand our industry and support policies that promote a truly competitive environment.

Please join your colleagues in supporting CIP PAC so we can continue to advocate for reasonable and sensible government policies that enhance the consumer experience and ensure our industry's prosperity.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please call CIP PAC Treasurer Christine O'Brien at 908-399-5115.

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Make a donation here.